Whilst the traditional construction process limit the ability the contractor has on the design stage of a project, the company is experiencing a trend, where our clients' are looking to reduce design to completion durations and thus risk, by looking for turnkey solutions, thus allowing the contractor to be involved in the design process from an earlier stage.

Landmarks Project such as the Presidential Palace and the Abu Dhabi Court House Complex within the UAE are potent sources of existing accomplishments in turning imaginative international concepts into meaningful local projects and services. These developments are in synergy with the improvement of the quality of life for all and are in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

Ghantoot will continue assisting the nation along its economic road map towards building a great nation.

International and local design trends are generally crafted from human experience, skills and knowledge; hence the requirement of both local and internationally aware designers. At Ghantoot we understand this philosophy and only employ suitably skilled professionals that have the ability to understand the clients' vision and mould the environment to suite his material, practical, social, environmental and spiritual needs. Design is in itself a problem solving process, using art and science to transform ideas and concepts into artistic interpretations, and finally manmade structures.

At Ghantoot, this process begins with the identification and analysis of needs, through a structured process sequence in which information is shared, research where ideas are explored and evaluated until an optimum solution is devised. Our design personnel aim to use ecological design techniques to achieve environmentally conscious designs, by managing the clients' concepts and needs with efficient use of materials, energy and space.

Our design team manages traditional and modern concepts design scenarios tactfully, and are able to achieve effective results under tight schedules and budgets by providing our clients' the freedom to express their own ethos, individuality and style whilst still offering professional design solutions.

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