Ghantoot is a privately owned company which has a rich history rooted in traditional values of the UAE. As a local company Ghantoot has its roots firmly settled in the UAE and places emphasis on providing long term sustainable capabilities to its clients and the wider community.

To succeed in being the best, one needs a vision for the future and an eye for opportunities. With this in mind from its formation in 1985 the Building Division has been providing, simplified, innovative, dynamic solutions to its clients.

One cannot be successful without understanding the ever evolving needs of our clients, which is accomplished by managing the interests of our clients before our own and offering practical solutions to our clients real-world needs. Hence we have forged strong durable relationships with our clients, based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect.

Our success in our endeavors has been made possible by the Ghantoot employees, our pathway to growth is interlinked with the company's investment in its people, which is backed by the group's ability to provide resources in a diverse range of specialties within the construction industry.

Our ability to meet deadlines and provide cost effective solutions to our clients is shown in the Divisions ability to satisfy its clients' needs by allowing us to retain repeated clients. The innovative solutions we provide keep our clients coming back!

We will not rest on our past performance and success, and will constantly measure ourselves against our competitors and compliance to internationally recognized best practices to ensure we continue to offer the best available solutions and services to our clients.

Ahmed Maarouf
General Manager
Building Division
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