Ghantoot can offer most clients a full one stop operation with most operation in house with the full support of our sister companies specialized in their own individual disciplines. We have over the years also fostered great relationships with some of the top subcontractors within the UAE, thus allowing us to concentrate on the end product and in reducing risks. It is our aim to eliminate any conditions/risks that have the potential to conflict with the clients' requirements, whether they are cost, quality, time, environmental or safety related.

As a product of the founder's vision, the following companies were established to assists the company in meeting our clients expectations:

  • Ghantoot Roads Division
  • Ghantoot Electrical Projects Division
  • Ghantoot Transport Division
  • Ghantoot Marine Construction & Earthworks Division
  • Ghantoot Building Materials and Trading
  • Ghantoot Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Ghantoot Gulf Crusher
  • Bin Mehran Ready Mix
  • Hispano Décor
  • Valencia Marble
  • Ruwaad Al Khalidiah (building materials and sanitary wares) LLC

For more info about Abu Dhabi National Cements Factory (ADNCF), Please visit

This collaboration has made Ghantoot as practically a "one-stop shop" company since we are providing integrated solutions on most complex constructions and in facility management of projects. At Ghantoot we combine UAE construction industry expertise and experience, with the company's drive to adopt the latest project management technologies. Our plan of action is designed to streamline the construction process and eliminate unnecessary change/risk, resulting in earlier completion dates and the reduction of claims.

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