When the opportunity arises for Ghantoot to work closely with others to offer additional services to our clients we embrace the opportunity as a win – win situation for all stakeholders. We are able to offer to the client combined strengths of both companies thus offer better value and reduced risk to the client.

Current JV projects

We have undertaken a joint venture with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Greece, for the Royal Palace Abu Dhabi, initially the JV was for phase 1 and we have been recently awarded phase 2 as a JV.

Future JV Projects

We are currently working with one of Koreas leading construction companies Hanwha Engineering and Construction, with the view to undertake numerous specialist projects.

Past JV Partners

We have worked with the following partners on numerous successful Projects within the UAE.

  • Thinet Emirates LLC – UAE
  • Long Yuan Construction Group – Korean
  • Tasameem STX Construction – Korean
  • FTR International Inc. - American
  • Mabetex Int'l Projects Management - Swiss

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