In 2008 the company undertook a rudimentary gap-analysis of the then fragmented environmental management system, much of the system was included in the Health and Safety Manual, others were stand alone, some were found in QA/QC procedures.

From this initial gap analysis, in the early 2009 Ghantoot undertook a review of the company's environmental status by;

  • Identifying all the company's environmental aspects associated with all operating conditions and situations.
  • Clarify the legal and other requirements that apply to your organization's environmental aspects. Other requirements include agreements that have been established with governments, customers, community groups and others as well as commitments, guidelines, principles, or codes of practice that influence how your environmental aspects ought to be handled.
  • Reviewed and updated the companies' environmental management policies, procedures, and practices, placing special attention on the company's purchasing and contracting policies, procedures, and practices.

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