The Ghantoot mandate requires that every project is provided with the necessary resources to ensure that careful planning; organizing and resource management takes place prior to the execution stage of the project. The company believes that the mandate is essential for the successful completion of project specific goals and objectives.

Whilst project management and workforce (resource) management are both required for successful management of a project, it is quite often found that both project and workforce management themselves are two systems found to be quite different. As such they require the development of distinct technical skills and the adoption of synergetic management philosophy.

At Ghantoot we blend these two principles and have implemented the concept of total project management in order to achieve the entire project goals and objectives even with the presence of constraints: Scope, Time, Budget.

Adding to these constraints include optimization, allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives. And as a response to this, Ghantoot carefully defines group activities and utilizes internationally proven approach in the use of resources (finances, personnel, materials, energy, space, sustainability, communication, motivation) for the benefit of achieving project specific goals and objectives.

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