Before TQM, Six – sigma became buzz words our top management has always understood that for the company to satisfy its customers and keep its market share and to further grow, we needed to document, record and thus manage what we do.

This philosophy allowed the company to keeps its intellectual information updated and valid. It allows us to repeatedly produce products of a consistent quality and allowed us to measure our performance. By going one step further and enhancing the Total Quality Management principals, with the backing of the leadership of the company we subjected the company's entire program and services under scrutiny and evaluation through the implementation of ISO 9001-2008.

The Building Division is committed to meet and satisfy customer expectations in all of our underrating in terms of quality and services we offered. To reinforce this commitment, we have established total quality management system approach with which we are committing ourselves to a strategy and have guaranteed our clients on perpetual improvement of our activities, processes and services.

On a more grass root level our integration of the company's Quality Management System ensures sufficient check and balances, that our works are performed efficiently in compliance with client specifications, applicable standards, specifications, regulations, codes and sound construction practices.

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