Einstein once said: "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
Social responsibility is a measure of our actions as a company beyond business and sustainability practices that are required to fulfill our contracts.

By the Building Division abiding with these noble ethics we ensure that quality products and services are provided to our clients. Our commitment to follow the HSE policy to safeguard the environment and the health and safety of our personnel and stakeholders and also to follow the QA/QC policy as set by the International Standardization Organization, particularly in the construction industry to provide our clients with good quality services to satisfy their requirements.

Our company policy not only allows employees to become personally involved in the community it offers each employee 2 days paid leave a year to assist in such community outreach programs.

At Building Division, social responsibility plays an important role, as we strive to serve our customers better to keep ourselves among the best in the construction industry. The company is involved in Abu Dhabi by providing donations for financing mosques within the local community.

The company is a member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

We have a strong commitment to the youth of the UAE, we provide places every year within the company for newly graduated engineers from local universities to mentored by our senior staff, this mentoring programme is undertake in the first 2 years of the engineers career.

The company is also involved in other social outreach programs, such as;

  • Abu Dhabi cleanup campaign
  • Clean our beaches campaign
  • Earth Hour

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